Flu 2020


17th December 2020:

If you were previously eligible to receive a flu vaccination and missed the organised flu clinics, you can still be vaccinated.  Please call the surgery, explain that you missed a previous clinic and our administration team will then be able to book you in.  We are not planning to run any further catch up clinics for previous cohorts- those aged 18-64 at risk and those aged 65+ or those aged 60-64. 

We have our supply of nasal flu vaccines for children.  Please call and ask for an appointment with our Practice Nurse for these.

If you have not received an invite and feel you should have done, please contact a member of our team to discuss this.

This page on our website will be updated frequently and will provide you with the latest information on flu vaccination and we respectfully request that you refer to this rather than telephoning the Surgery.  If you wish to receive a flu jab but are not eligible to receive one through the surgery you can access one via your local pharmacy. This is being run on an appointment based system and there will be a charge of £11.99.

Fever following flu vaccination

Vaccinated individuals, parents and carers should be advised that flu vaccines may cause a mild fever which usually resolves within 48 hours. This is a common, expected reaction and isolation is not required unless COVID-19 is suspected.

Feeling generally unwell, shivery, achy and tired are also commonly reported symptoms following flu vaccination. These symptoms usually disappear within one to two days without treatment but paracetamol can be given if necessary to relieve any of these symptoms.

If fever starts beyond 48 hours post vaccination OR persists beyond 48 hours or an individual develops other COVID-19 related symptoms, then you should self-isolate
and arrange to be tested for COVID-19. Please refer to the COVID-19 tab for guidance on how to arrange a test.

Published 07/09/2020

Last updated 17/12/2020

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